I couldn’t come up with seven…


Jennifer Fulwiler regularly posts “7 Quick Takes” at her marvelous blog, Conversion Diary.  First of all, anyone who can produce that sort of post on a regular schedule has my deepest admiration.  I would have to do a lot of mental training to achieve such consistency… I tried it with the Simple Woman’s Daybook, and we all know what a fizzle that was.  However, her posts are just so genuinely entertaining that I am tempted to try joining the fun once in a while.  This one is only for practice because a) today isn’t Friday, and b) mine has only 5 takes, rather than 7, as that is all I could come up with on the spur of the moment.  And I’m not hilarious.  But this is only my first attempt, I’m hoping I’ll improve as I get into the groove! :-D

1.     We’ve settled upon the only Sunday Evening Meal we will ever want or need to plan again.  Ever.  Please go to this link.  You can thank me later.   We (and when I say “we” I really mean Laurent, who is quite my most enthusiastic and accomplished junior chef) made two kinds:  the first was layered with Pesto, a browned mixture of ground turkey and mild sausage, and topped with crumbled Feta and a sprinkle of Parmesan.   The second started with a spicy tomato sauce, then the meat mixture, followed by shredded colby/jack and optional pepper flakes.  The notion of additional vegetables had been somewhere in the back of my mind originally, but these were complete perfection – best pizza I’ve ever tasted.  E-VAH.  Next week we’ll try a vegetarian version, and I’m sure the variations will continue as long as there be Heidmanns to carry on the tradition.


2.     I am finally starting to delve into my D3100 book.


It’s a goldmine.  I love it.  I sit there with my camera on one side and the book on the other and I am learning something valuable in practically every paragraph.  That either means David Busch is a genius, or I know absolutely nothing about cameras.  I think both.  But the real genius of this book is that I can understand it!!  Well done, Mr. Busch.


3.     Everybody is gearing up for “Back To School” this month (some schools have even started already) and Paul is considering joining the ranks of students.   There are a couple of great  options in town for laymen interested in pursuing theological studies: one is the KINO Institute, through which the Catechist certification is earned; and the other is the Institute of Catholic Theology, which “was established to further enhance the intellectual formation of adult Catholics in the Diocese of Phoenix” and  “offers classes in Catholic theology on a broad range of topics and is geared toward theological education at the undergraduate level.”   There are some classes at the latter that I would love to take myself, but I don’t think it’s quite time for me to do that yet.  However, I’m excited about the possibilities for Paul – he loves studying theology and church history, and I know he’ll enjoy it to the max.


4.     My Granny Hex WIP:

More Hex Pix as things progress….


5.     As I began with a new Sunday evening meal favorite, I will end with an old Saturday evening meal favorite: