Shared Inspiration

Overheard at the dining room table:

“Take that, Math Machine!!”

I need to thank Asperger Ninja for sharing her light-bulb moment that led to my own light-bulb moment, that led to today’s highly enthusiastic, verbally interactive, and mathematically startlingly successful session in online tutoring at the Kahn Academy.  As often as I tout the glorious flexibility of homeschooling, I baffle myself with how often my thinking becomes boxed in by traditional methods, even when it comes to my most challenging student.  The really dumb thing is, I discovered the Kahn Academy months ago, but it took me until today, after reading someone else’s “Aha!”  to actually sit him down in front of it and let him try.

And that’s just one reason why this wonderful thing called the internet community is so terrific:  shared inspiration.

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