Hangin’ Around

It was a good day.  School happened.  Karate happened.  The girls made a tasty dinner while I was gone, and Heather was at the house when we got back after six, and we all sang the Nicene Creed (we had three out of four parts, not bad) and ate dinner around the table and laughed a lot and… it was a good day.

Tomorrow is a big day for Laurent – she’ll be taking off with the Ss. Simon and Jude juniors and seniors for Kairos, a mountain retreat up in Flagstaff.  It’s a wonderful opportunity, and will be 4 days of fellowship and learning and growing (and no cell phones or computers!).  I can’t wait to hear all about it when they return on Monday.

In the meantime, tomorrow evening I will have to shop without “my brain” (as I am wont to call Laurent, since her level-headedness frequently saves me from shopping disaster when my head is spinning with the crowds and choices and decisions in front of me) and that seldom ends well.  Megan, with typical impulsiveness, leaping hilariously toward the office intending to volunteer her services, ran smack into the side of the upright freezer, and managed to finish off the pratfall with great comedic aplomb.  The Lord only knows what manner of adventures I’ll have to relate when we return…

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