Photo Finish for the Week

Well, we’ve completed our first “official” week back to school.  That means that even though we started our homeschool year a week earlier, this week began all kinds of other classes, like Great Books (online), MoezArt (theater class), and of course Laurent was back to class at GCC on Wednesday. Everybody is *thrilled* to be back at the books – especially my college girl… a month of vacation is way too long for her!

I’ve spent a couple of days without my computer, thanks to some kind of strange cyber malady that was affecting 2 pc’s and a laptop.  I snagged a few minutes here and there on other people’s computers,  but of course it just isn’t the same. 🙂  Usually my husband is Johnny-on-the-spot fixing things like that, but he was engaged in something else yesterday:  attaching my grinder to the table so I could mix up my very first batch of bread in many months.  And what a batch it was!

I had no idea how much I should increase my old recipe, but when Paul came back from the store with 3 boxes of Vital Wheat Gluten, that basically defined my limits, since I used to use one box per batch of dough with my Bosch mixer.  And it turned out to be exactly the right size recipe.  I now know that Bogart the Hobart can make 3x the dough that I was making with my old Bosch.  Since, however, I do not have a Bakery oven in my kitchen, I can still only make a maximum of 6 loaves at a time.  So I popped the first six in to rise, and then formed the rest of the dough into loaves, zipped them up in freezer bags, and stowed them in the freezer for future use.  This batch made approximately 6 2.5 pound loaves and 7 that were closer to 3 pounds.  Not too shabby!

Anyway, once all that very important bread-making was done, my hubby was able to spend a few minutes this evening repairing whatever we had done to muck up the works on our computers, and we are now all back in working order.

Today was a short day for everyone, since Laurent was done before noon, and Geneva was invited over to a friend’s house around 1pm.  I believe she and her friend spent their time in equal proportions with watching scary movies, laughing loudly, pillow fighting, and otherwise wreaking havoc on the dear friend’s home.  When we went to pick her up tonight we ended up visiting for quite an enjoyable while with the parents, and didn’t get home till close to 11pm.

I’ll close with a batch of photos (with which I had great fun playing around)
of the two children in my family who are
most alike,
and who fight and razz and bicker the most,
and who secretly love each other,
and who both hate hugs.

I think I’ll call it
Feel The Love.

Or maybe
Foto Fun.

Or maybe
I Like Hugs.  *Not*.

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