Down, but not entirely out…

We’ve all been there, whether mothers of many or few, and we know how it works.  One person gets the stomach flu, and then it’s just a matter of time before it runs (pardon the pun) through the whole family.  I can tell you for a fact that without exception I am always the last to get it, and this time was no different.  Everybody else was finished over a week ago, yet I inexplicably waited until Monday evening to come down with a fever, and by Tuesday morning everything else hit the fan.  I’ve been mostly horizontal since then, but for when my back hurt too much and I had to sit up.  Today was difficult with having to drive the girls to theater mid-day.  That wiped me out and I came home and napped and slept through Paul’s arrival home, which meant I wasn’t awake to tell him when to leave, which meant he didn’t leave on time to pick them up and was a tad late.  And then I had to do the drive for the kids to church this evening as well for Jr. high choir and confirmation, because Paul had a meeting with his catechumen.  I brought Megan along with me so she could escort Jacob and Geneva to their various classes and pick them up, while I just stayed in the car and tried not to feel queasy.  I actually had a good time chatting with Megan, and managed to sip some diet coke, with which I now find myself too caffeinated to sleep.

Anyway, since I have sick brain, and my thoughts are very scattered, I’ll just share a few tidbits I’ve been finding here and there.

I have been looking for “lives of the saints” types of books, and just found this at Ignatius:

Archbishop Fulton Sheen’s St. Therese: A Treasured Love Story


I loved this video by Marc Barnes from the March For Life this past weekend:


And then there’s his response to the media “coverage” after the fact…


Here’s a thought provoking essay on

The Importance of Vocation.


And here’s an essay that may strike a tiny bit close to home for some besides me:

The Children Have Spoken.


And finally, because despite the flu, I’m just feeling my Catholic oats this evening:


See you tomorrow, hopefully on the road to recovery.

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    1. Annette Heidmann Post author

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I have been enjoying getting around to visit so many new blogs on the Catholic Bloggers Network, and am looking forward to getting to know everyone! I’m excited to read the book – got it ordered today. 🙂

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