Although I have debated with myself as to how much to say about this weekend, I’ve decided to come down on the side of honesty, and ask for your prayers.

Earlier this week, it suddenly occurred to me that in 19 years of marriage, I have never once had a real vacation – even just a weekend completely away by myself.  And it occurred to me that that might be why I have felt like I was hanging by a thread for so long.  And the more I’ve thought about it, the less surprising my symptoms of stress (sleep disturbances, lack of motivation, inability to focus, lethargy and weight gain) seem.  In the last two years alone,

  • I underwent a fairly major surgery
  • Almost immediately after that my father passed away
  • At the end of that year we began a two month series of evaluations that concluded with our son’s diagnosis on the autism spectrum
  • We said goodbye to one church family and began the search for our new home
  • My mother came to live with us for a season, only to fall several times and wind up in a wheelchair, subsequently requiring therapy to restore her strength
  • Meanwhile our family was going through the process of converting to Catholicism, a joyful but spiritually challenging time
  • Immediately after being received into the church at Easter of 2011, our house burned down
  • Immediately after our house burned down, my husband lost his job and was unemployed for about 2 months
  • We spent the next seven months displaced, waiting for our home to be rebuilt
  • I was primarily responsible for deciding every single aspect of the interior design of our home
  • I continued to home school four children through it all

I’m not sure, but I think there might be a little PTSD going on here.  Anyway, the upshot is, I need a break, and my family is graciously sending me off on a private retreat this weekend.  I am looking forward to some quiet reflection at the Franciscan Renewal center.

I deeply desire to come back refreshed and enthusiastic about my calling of service to my beloved family.  Your prayers to that end would be greatly appreciated.

10 thoughts on “Re-boot

  1. Stacey

    This is wonderful….. For about the last five or so years, I have been attending an annual women’s retreat which lasts one evening and two days. It has truly been a blessing and I know you will so love your weekend retreat at Franciscan Renewal center. Everyone needs a little time away and some one-on-one time with our Father. You will come home refreshed and renewed….. Not only will you be blessed – but your loving family will be too!

  2. Sarah Holston

    I’m so thankful God is providing this time away for you. It has been a long two years and you need this! I’ll be praying that even though it is a very short time that God will revive you and send you back to your family refreshed until hopefully you can get away again! 🙂

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