Verve. (And Pizazz.)

Argh, my posting has been sparse.  That irritates me… I must improve.  I’ll start by telling you how I spent my weekend.

In this Albrecht Dürer woodcut, I am, sadly, one of those pitiable souls on the ground, about to be trampled by one of The Four Riders of the Apocalypse.  As you can see by this post, I was saved from the Fourth Horseman only by the mercy of God, for reasons known only to Him.  Thus, I am showing my gratitude by returning to blogging (and home schooling, of course) with all the verve and pizzazz I can muster.

Pizazz Fine Art Print – Robin Mead

(N.B. – I took great pleasure in rousting him directly after taking that picture.)

**Pauses blogging to listen**

“Who’s in the kitchen?”

Answer from across the office:

Hollers again, with increasing volume:
“Well who’s running all that water????”

Vague answer from far away:

Hollers again, incredulously:
“Will somebody get in there and turn off that faucet?!”

Child scurrying kitchenward:
“Yes mom…”

Slaps forehead in disbelief.
Note to self:
Focus on children now, blog later.

2 thoughts on “Verve. (And Pizazz.)

  1. Pauline Holston

    Mornin’! It may have been ME running the water to get it hot enough to subdue the strength of the coffee???? I like to have the water hot when I add the coffee…don’t like my coffee LUKE! So…I will apologize if I caused stress and difficulty!!!!
    Like the kids’ “busy-ness”!

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