Decisions, decisions…

So, I’m multi-tasking along here at my computer, as I generally do, supervising kids at their school work while also processing photos from the weekend, and I suddenly hear a bloink from over in my Gmail window.  I click over and find my hubby chatting me up, teasing me with:

“End tables, or this?”

(NB: the choice to which he was referring was how to spend our remaining insurance money – end tables for the living room and nightstands for our room, as well as some shrubbery to replace the burned-up citrus trees in our forlorn back yard, have been high on the agenda…)

Lol, and I do mean, out loud.  First of all, that’s way more money than I could ever spend on end tables.  I wouldn’t even know where to shop to spend that much moola!

Secondly, even if I could convince myself that it was a good idea to buy myself an EVEN BETTER camera, INSTEAD of furniture for the use of the whole family, I can’t imagine how I would store photos with that high a resolution.

It is, indubitably, a fabulous piece of equipment.  And maybe some day I’ll figure out a way to earn some money myself and then I can buy it (and an extra terabyte or two for storage).

In the meantime, I’ll keep working on my weekend pics, that I took with my beloved D3100 which is still more camera than I know how to fully utilize, and try to get them posted later today. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions…

  1. Jill

    Oh, my! $3000 for a camera?! Does it make your friends look 20 years younger and your enemies get those devil horns and goatees we used to add to evil politicians’ visages in the paper? Oh, and the Frankenstein neck bolts and crudely-stitched cheek and forehead gashes… Could be worth it…

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