Obamacare Ruling (updated)

Well!  What a day it’s been for news, and subsequent commentary!  The reactions I’ve seen today to the SCOTUS ruling upholding Obamacare have run the gamut from:

Brent Bozell slams Chief Justice John Roberts as a ‘traitor to his philosophy’

to, in the middle of the day,
Did Roberts just give Obama the bird?

to, this afternoon,
Chief Justice Roberts is a Genius

I was pretty suspicious of the early reactionary responses.  “Don’t be hasty,” as Treebeard would say.  Time will tell, but I’m leaning toward the latter perspective.


Further comment in defense of Chief Justice Roberts.

Update part Deux:

I’m sorry, but really, Michael Savage?  REALLY??  Wasn’t it the Soviets that locked people who disagreed with the government line in asylums?  Are we prepared to sink to that level to discredit someone we disagree with?  I think not.  And as an aside, my husband has been on epilepsy medication for years, and he’s got about the sharpest mind I know.  This is not only bunk, it’s uncivil, shameful, and degrades the level of dialogue.

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