Monday Musings

About what am I musing this Monday morning?  In part, reflecting on Sunday, which was a beautiful day of rest and worship. Rejoicing in an early arrival at church, singing beautiful music with the choir, and the celebration of a grace filled afternoon at home with the family.



Further musings:

  • wanting to begin going through the Institute for Excellence in Writing materials for the fall.
  • needing to create some worksheets for Jacob for history
  • looking forward to the arrival of curriculum in several shipments this week and next


My boy sometimes keeps unusual hours.  He was up at 4:15 this morning, and when my husband suggested he would likely be asleep when I wanted him to do school, I scoffed “Oh no!  He never sleeps during the day unless he’s sick.  This is wonderful – he’ll get to bed at a decent hour tonight for once!!”

Isn’t that just precious?! 😀

I have to wake him up though.  Poor boy.


One more picture.

When I came home one evening from some excursion or other, I was startled by a hooded figure, looming ominously in the darkened alcove by the Laundry room.

It was only a Jawa.

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