Sweet Sixteen, Part Two

Here we are at the end of two days of Birthday, exhausted and happy and totally partied out. 🙂

Our Sunday began with Nettie waking up one hour and four minutes later than she would prefer, even on a “regular” Sunday that did NOT also require last minute party prep.
Nonetheless, by a miracle attributable only to the grace of God,
I and all the children and Mother were in the parking lot 7 minutes before choir time.

After mass, we headed for home, and were joined by the whole Jezek crew as well as six from our neighborhood family.
Then we were able to relax for a couple of hours, get out some chips and salsa,
make the ceasar salad and the punch,
send Laurent for more dips and punch ingredients because we underestimated how much would be consumed before the rest of the partiers arrived,
and finally, the Shrader triplets, Hannah and Alyx arrived,
amidst loud music and youthful chatter that reached impossible decible levels,
and the party kicked into high gear.

[Right about here, you would expect me to insert a gallery of epic photos. 
Not this time. 
This time, I am leaving that honor to Megan,
since this was HER day,
and HER party,
and she was using HER camera for the first time. 
And she’s posted them on HER BLOG!
I couldn’t be more tickled…

she’s got a wonderful eye, and I can’t wait to see what she sees
“through the lens of whimzy”!]

Today we spent some time in the morning working on photos, cleaning up from the party, and then I took Megan out for the long awaited birthday lunch at Ichi Ban.
It was everything we imagined.
Sushi is the most beautiful food – almost a shame to eat!
Thankfully, Megan got pictures.

Finally, to cap off the celebrations, this evening
Jeff came over right after work, and everybody scarfed down leftover pizza so we could make it to a 6:40 show of “Ice Age: Continental Drift.”
We all laughed and enjoyed the antics (and the music wasn’t bad either).

We are thankful to have been able to celebrate our beloved
Megan Olivia “Moomzy” Heidmann
on her 16th birthday,
and for all the friends who joined us as well.
God is very, very good.

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