Taking Advantage

A quiet weekend at home is afoot, while my younger kiddos and their dad are trotting around the White Mountains having endless good times. (Except for the boy, who does not relish a 3 mile climb to the 10,912ft top of Escudilla Mountain and then back down again.)  I love that I can blog their photos from home, thanks to smart phones.

That last pic was taken at the tippy-top of the mountain beside the radio tower.  A good morning’s climb indeed!  Megan was probably the only one truly in her seventh heaven – she would happily climb that mountain every day if she could!  A girl after my own heart…

Meanwhile, back at Casa del Heidmann, as I say: Quiet.  Laurent spent the day helping me with a few chores, assisting her grandmother, and watching Stargate season 8.  Mother spent the day watching the Olympics, because, despite how underwhelming the coverage is on NBC, at least it’s sports!! 🙂

And I, taking advantage of the quiet, spent today as I did yesterday, working on a writing project that is difficult.  And that, frankly, puts me out a bit, because for me, writing is usually a breeze.  This project, however, is laborious, and were it not a labor of love, I would not attempt it.  I even have an outline!  (cue applause)  I’m up to around 3,100 words, and increasingly convinced that several hundred words ago I got lost in the details and will have to retrace my steps with a machete in hand and cut down the excess.  Lord willing I will finish this sometime before Christmas…

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