Time to Celebrate!

In light of our trip to see the doctor and the morning’s revelations, it seemed only right and fitting that the family all go out this evening to celebrate.  Celebrate what?! You may rightfully ask!  Why, the new and improved Oma, of course!

Pauline Holston,
Grandmother, a matriarch barely able to walk –
gentlemen, we can rebuild her.
We have the technology.
We have the capability to make the world’s first Bionic Oma!
Pauline Holston will BE that Oma! 
than she was before…
better, stronger, faster!

 After the girls went out and bought Oma her very own purple plaid beret, and Paul got home, and Jeff arrived from work, we took Doug’s advice and braved the 117°F temperatures to hit our favorite fast food place for some tasty chicken.


I reminded mom that no matter how many limbs you have, you can always enjoy some tasty chicken.  Paul added, to uproarious laughter, “We’ll give her the drumsticks so she wont feel so bad!”

Here’s Paul, about to make good on his gracious offer to “take care of it” for her:


Megan has promised to go out and buy some sequins and rhinestones and bedazzle Oma’s new prosthetic for her.  All in all, good humor is winning the day around here.

And that is indeed a grace for which we are thankful.


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