…. because at the end of the week, my brain is… FRIED!

A few random, unrelated, diverse and whimsical goings on of this past week, in no order of importance whatsoever:

Got a shipment that was rather a treat for me to open.  (Hint – it wasn’t books this time!)


My sweet husband ordered these clay bakers for me once he learned that they are “the bomb-diggity” for creating a gorgeous crispy crust on your bread.  (I discovered them in my ongoing-never-ending-world-without-end-quest to learn the art of sourdough.)   They are roomy enough for very large loaves, and the Romertopf bakers could easily roast a good-sized chicken with veggies.


School happens.  We try to be semi-responsible about organizing our educational efforts, but relaxed enough to let people find the best way for their particular learning style (without getting so comfy that it just all devolves into nap time).  And of course, some people need more structure than others.


And when the incontrovertible necessity of a recess is made manifest, things look like this:



Also, one can always expect that cleaning out the fridge and finding some unfortunate stalks of celery will invariably lead to this:


How pleasant a thing it is when children go outside into the 115 degree heat and wash a mother’s car.  Yay though they walk upon blazing pavement, and the stream of water turns to steam even as it leaves the hose, still, it is good.  And when they find strange and wondrous fungi growing in the front yard amidst the torrid dog days of August, their reward is in the photographing thereof, the better to show their mother, who leaves the house but reluctantly in such weather.


These are not croutons.
They are much,

These are bananas,
quartered, chopped, rolled in wheat germ,
and frozen.

Throw a handful into your next smoothie,
on top of a bowl of granola,
or just pop them into your mouth, close your eyes,
and revel in the ice-creamyness
of a no-sugar-added treat.


This spider was hanging around right over my desk, on the ceiling.

I did not like that.

I sprayed him with bug spray, and he fell to the floor.

I slid a sheet of paper under him and took some pictures.
Because that is what I do.


4 thoughts on “Fryday

  1. outandin

    Oooh! I have always wanted one of those clay bakers! I have had a clay bread pan for years, and it has delivered on its promise of a higher bread rise. Every loaf I bake in that pan rises MUCH higher than a loaf made from the same dough but baked in a metal pan. My sourdough is doing well. In fact I’d say my family would not be willing to go back to “normal” pizza crust after having sourdough crust the last few weeks! And the crumpets every Friday morning have been pretty welcome too.

  2. Clay Baker

    Do you know which model/size of Romertopf you guys got? We are deciding which one would be best for us. Is yours big enough for a family of five? We have some great recipes that we are dying to try.

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