One or two things…

A few odds and ends to report from the last couple of days:

  • Yesterday, after working with our medical team since April to heal up mom’s foot wound, and undergoing multiple surgeries, hospital and rehab stays, infection, pneumonia, anemia, bypass and lots of pain and frustration, mother made her final decision, and instructed me to call the surgeon to set up an appointment to amputate that bum leg and get moving on some recovery and healing and getting back to a more active lifestyle.  We are completely entrusting her to the loving care of our Heavenly Father, and deeply grateful for all the prayers and support from family and friends across the world.  We know that each and every step along the way has been guided by His sovereign hand; and it has been increasingly evident that this time of suffering has caused my mother to cling to Him ever more tightly, knowing that her suffering is not meaningless, but a part of the glorious mystery of union with Christ.


  • Since the making of The Decision was momentous, it followed as naturally as sunrise follows night that we should go out for a little celebration.  And furthermore, since Paul’s paycheck came a day early (which it seems to do at least 50% of the time), we combined our little celebratory dinner with a family trip to Costco.  Megan was on chair duty, and the two of them went off on their own looking at books and whatnot, and Mom found a mystery that took her fancy.  Shopping a day earlier than planned meant  I was flying blind without my usual list, and furthermore, Laurent and Paul had run off to Best Buy across the street, so I was both blind and without my “Remember-All”.  I managed to get about 75% of what I should have gotten, and 5-6 things that were impulse buys, but quite useful nonetheless.  When she joined me, we picked up the rest and headed to checkout.  On the way out the door, we realized we were driving the little van, and with all seven of us plus a wheelchair, it is always an interesting challenge to maneuver a Costco-sized shopping trip into and around us.  But with Paul’s mad Tetris skillz, plus  flats of groceries ensconced upon the laps of each of the children, together with plenty of good humor, we managed quite handily.


  • One of the reasons for which I had spent this last week eagerly awaiting payday was that we had recently looked into the cost of a year-long fitness membership at a nearby community center, and finding it to be very reasonable, the plan was set in place that I should go over there and sign up with one or two of my older daughters.  We mulled and planned how we could fit time into our very diverse schedules to go together, and I ultimately decided that, since, as a student at GCC, Laurent has access to their facilities, and since she is there so much of the time, it wouldn’t make sense for her to try to also make use of a membership somewhere else.  So yesterday, before we went out for our dinner, Meg and I ran over there and got signed up, and this morning we did our first workout.  It was every bit as great as I expected – very quiet during the morning hours, no waiting for machines or fighting traffic jams on the air-conditioned walking track.  I am looking forward to finally being able to walk at a regular time, without having to worry about avoiding the sun (which is a major hazard for my Scandinavian skin here in the desert).  The younger kiddos cannot use any of the fitness equipment (only age 16 and up) so they will be doing their daily exercise at home with the stationery bike and trampoline.


  • I finished Downton Abbey season 1 in two very late nights.  LOVED. IT. Nobody does period dramas like the Brits! 🙂


  • Update on JoAnthony: He is struggling since his surgery on Wednesday, so we are continuing to pray for God’s hand of healing and for the Holy Spirit to comfort and sustain his mother, father, and all his siblings.


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