Mid Week Mania

It’s been a busy one already, and it’s only Wednesday.  Monday morning we had no appointment scheduled other than taking the Jezek kids back to their house on the north side and returning with our Geneva.  I was getting ready to prepare to begin to tell people to start thinking about maybe putting their shoes on (these things must never be approached precipitously, you understand) when I got a phone call from my dear Lisa asking if I could pick her up at the hospital so she wouldn’t have to walk home. Well, I mean, OBVIOUSLY I was on the way in two minutes.  My God-daughter needs your prayers – she’s plagued by a stress related ailment that is pretty severe.  Anyway, after picking her up and stopping by CVS to drop off her prescriptions I got her to her house, then back to my house, then loaded up all the kids and headed north.  I think we ended up getting back home before noon, but that part is a blur.

Afternoon was schooling, and I didn’t quite get supper on the table in time – Paul had to leave for his Monday night Gonzales pick-ups right before we sat down. 🙁  Must. Plan. Better.  Jake and Laurent left for ROC just before 6pm and Jeff (who spent the evening here) and I were intrigued to hear about their evening when they returned.  It was a “teaching Mass” for the middle schoolers, and when they got home around 9, Jacob was positively effervescing.  Father Lankeit is an excellent teacher – I wish I could have attended.  In addition to a question and answer time about the parts of the mass, the children were enriched by learning about the differences between ad orientem and versus populum.  It is a delight to my soul when I see my children passionately grabbing hold of their faith and eagerly participating in their catechesis.


Tuesday was another Car-School day as we were off to therapy with mom.  I printed out several math worksheets for Jacob, but a) he got away without his glasses, which never helps, and b) for some reason the printer decided to print everything half size, so it was doubly hard to read the numbers.  He didn’t get a lot done in the two hours we were there.  Geneva did manage to get some science work done, despite her brother’s antics.

On the way home I stopped by and picked up Lisa so she could come over and spend a few hours chillaxing.  I made her a pot of non-spicy rice pilau that she was able to nibble on throughout the day.  Her bland diet is going to be a drag for her, but I can usually find ways to make something like rice a little more interesting without veering into the gastronomic danger zone.

The rest of the day consisted of diligent labors by Megan on her philosophy and Machiavelli, and Geneva on her math problems that had been assigned on the white board by Professor Paul.  Jacob spent most of his day giving me headaches by avoiding his school work, though he made a small effort to read a bit of his philosophy.  After supper he was much more cooperative, and finished an entire page of multiplication problems.


I do not want to discuss the movie Seven Psychopaths, to which Jeff took me last night.  It would require a dizzying exercise in drilling down through layers of satire to determine if a brilliantly acted, directed, and filmed piece of art that is that violent and profane can still add value to the world.  I will leave that to others to discuss, and merely say, unless you are a film critic, or a fan of Christopher Walken, this movie is not for you.


One of the assignments mother was given at PT yesterday was that she must do all her own pushing of the wheelchair, to strengthen her arms – and she needs to get out and go around the block too.  So we jumped right on that this morning while it was still cool outside.  Here are pics of the departure, of my beauteous greenery in the front yard, my precious Boxer, and the return.


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