What a racket!

With a week to go before spring semester begins at GCC, Laurent wanted to get over to the college and pick up her books before the lines began.  Thus it was that yesterday mid-morning we jaunted over – with Megs at the wheel for some driving practice – to visit the book store.  It didn’t take very long this time, since Laurent was careful to find her exact section numbers and books online, and print them off to bring along.  She even managed to get used copies of four books out of five courses  – and STILL the final total was a staggering $505.85!!  And none of them are even that hefty… this college stuff is not to be done on the cheap. :(

The rest of the day was spent at home, working on severing the nearly unbreakable physical and mental link that was forged over the course of Christmas vacation between Jacob and his Minecraft world, and renewing our acquaintance with the comparatively mundane tedium of school work.  Megan got caught up on a little of the sleep she lost over the weekend while on her Kairos retreat, and by evening was ready and raring to go to the RCIA sponsor night.  Paul, Laurent, Megan and I are all sponsors this year, and we were expecting a great evening with our candidates – however, it turned out that only Katrina, Laurent’s candidate, was able to attend.  Ernestt, Desiree and Joanna all were involved with helping out at the hospital, where baby Joanthony is once again struggling.  I knew for sure that Des was at the hospital, so I stayed home.  However, Megs got to stand in as sponsor for the night for another member of the class, who it turns out works with autistic kids – and in particular those with Asperger’s.  So she was blessed with the opportunity to meet someone awesome, and  I look forward to meeting her as well!

I’ve been getting my google calendar all marked up for the coming semester.  No let up in our weekly driving yet – in fact, we’re busier than ever, adding piano lessons for Geneva to the schedule as well as theater for Jake and Megan; ROC on Mondays for Laurent and Jacob; RCIA on Mondays for Paul; SVdP on Tuesdays for Paul and Megan/Geneva (they take turns helping out in the pantry); RE, Youth Group and Choir on Wednesdays; and if we can EVER remember to go, there’s once a month Holy Hour on First Fridays.  Physical Therapy for mom will be finished after the month of January, so that will be two fewer appointments per week.

We are busy, and God is good!


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