Scenes From Sunday

The Heidmann family pew is never the same, from one week to the next.  We might have as many as 15 or as few as, today, Paul plus six – Megan, Jacob, and four Gonzales kiddos.  (With Laurent and Geneva both singing in the choir now there’s more room for our “other” family!)  After mass we came home, and even though it was mighty chilly, it was not too cold for the trampoline, or for cooking some hot dogs on the grill.  I mixed up some beans I had cooked last week into a tasty BBQ Bean dish, and with chips picked up on the way home, we had a yummy lunch with our little crew.

After we ate, Laurent spent some time experimenting with french braiding Geneva’s hair.  It is still a little too short and thick to really hold a braid well, but it was fun trying.  Laurent enjoyed modeling Geneva’s black and gold cloak (Christmas present from her mum and dad, inspired by the beautiful cloaks worn in countless well-beloved fantasy stories, as well as Linda Burklin, whose handmade cloaks are the stuff of legend) and I thought it looked so elegant, wouldn’t the choir look fabulous in matching cloaks?  Paul scoffed and said it would look more like a coven.  Heh, no, we don’t want to look like we belong in a moonlit forest glade encircling a black cauldron bubbling over a roaring bonfire.  No, that would never do.  But – call me a geek – I still say (in the proper setting) cloaks are mighty awesome.

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