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School – and lots of it.  Two things stand out: The first was Jacob’s QOD during his Philosophy reading.  From his prone position on the couch, he suddenly began snickering, then with mocking severity declared to Geneva, across the room on the loveseat,

“‘You should never tell anyone else what to do.’
‘There are no absolute truths.’
‘No statement is universally true.'”

And then continued giggling about paradoxes for the next 10 minutes.

The other of the two things that impressed themselves upon my memory involved the retrieval of Geneva’s utterly demolished Earth Science textbook from the back yard where Gwinnie dragged it to have a chew-fest yesterday afternoon when she was inadvertently left in the house unfettered while we all went to have a family dinner and then do some shopping.  By the time we got home from Wal-mart, groceries in hand, the state of the entire house with which we were confronted was so catastrophic (think – half a 25 lb. bag of basmati rice strewn all over the tile, trash bags shredded and the contents dispersed) that we were still finding things she had hauled outside and mauled this afternoon – like a bag filled with multi-colored crocheted hexagons I had been planning to piece together into an afghan for the last year and only had just rediscovered while emptying the laundry room cupboards – scattered pathetically in the mud outside the back door.

This adopting of stray dogs is starting to get expensive.  I’m going to have to train my family much more effectively if that dog is going to survive to adulthood.

New motto to live by:
“Put it up high, and tie, tie, tie!!”

Also, it might not hurt to get a pallet or so of Ranch Reward Rawhide Bones...or something….

On our sojourn yesterday after dinner, we stopped at Hobby Lobby and both mother and I picked up some yummy yarns.  I have been wanting to try crocheting a hat with some stretch to it, and  this “Limelight” Yarn Bee Snowflake Wool Blend is just the ticket.  I used a G-hook and made up a pattern as I went.  I like how it turned out!

Inspired by the feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas and the many edifying comments and posts I read yesterday, I made a good faith effort to get to Peter Kreeft’s “A Shorter Summa” today as well, but it was more than I could manage while doing my motherly multitasking.  Still, I’m going to keep it handy because one of these days I will tackle it.

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Finally, at the end of the school day we had a visit from Mr. Rob Huntley, owner/manager of The 4R Group.  Last week I mentioned going out with Jeff and Mom and having a very exciting discussion.  Well, today, we looked over some plans Rob drew up for us, and made a down-payment on our renovation project – we’re going to have him build us a new shed in the back yard, then convert the garage into a fully finished living space, with it’s own A/C and entrance, and by the end of February, Jeff is going to move in with us!!  I’ve hoped for a very long time that we could make something like this happen, and I’m overjoyed that it is finally coming to pass.  How good and loving is our Heavenly Father, to provide a way for us to support one another.  It’s always interesting the comments we get when people hear of our planned living arrangement.  From Americans, it’s always amazement.  From Hispanics, it’s just taken for granted – it’s what you do.  Family takes care of family.  We Americans with our rugged individualism and independent spirit can learn a lot from our brothers and sisters of many other ethnicities, who know a lot more than we do about “familia.”




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  1. Dantius Palpatine

    Ah, young Jedi. The correct quote from the ancient Sith wisdom is this: Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what is right! However and never the less, according to St. Thomas Aquinas, “Three things are necessary for the salvation of man: to know what he ought to believe; to know what he ought to desire; and to know what he ought to do.” Quod Erat Demonstrandum.

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