Move It!

So there was some moving of furniture going on, and some mopping of floors, and when that had finished, the notion popped into my head to ask Jeff about something we had discussed back when he was still in his apartment – he’d expressed interest in using our stationary bike, but we were flummoxed how to make that happen on a regular basis.

So I says to Jeff, I says, Hey Jeff, what if we roll that bike right in here and you can jolly well use it whenever you please?  And he says, Blimey if that don’t sound like a brilliant ideer!  And lickity-split, Megan “the Beast” had that bike rolled out of the dining room and through the laundry room door and into the new room right in front of the A/C where it can be used now with the utmost comfort and joy.  Hallelujah!!

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