This and That 03/01

  • I am blissful when there is morning light glowing throughout my house — and it’s clean — and there is music in the air.
  • These lovely purple flowers from Costco dyed the water in which we placed them, adding an extra touch of color to the display.
  • A page out of the philosophy book I caught Jacob reading in bed at midnight last night…
  • Jacob’s offhand comment “Hey, that’s what Geneva is!” when he looked at this fan went right over my head.  Once I had the “Aha!” moment, I had to snap a picture to commemorate his witticism.
  • The girls, on their way out the door to spend their last overnighter of the season with their grandparents – doing their best “flighty tourist girl” poses.  Note Geneva’s little rolling suitcase with the caption”Going to Grandma’s!”, which she has been using since she was about 2 for these overnighters.

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