My Dad and The Melody Four

melody_four.1969.13047In honor of my dad today on the anniversary of his passing from this life to the next, some music that he loved.  These were the sounds that filled my home during my growing up years.  I love to remember how these hymns of faith uplifted and filled him with joy, and can still hear his beautiful tenor voice singing along.

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Heaven Came Down And Glory Filled My Soul

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We Are More Than Conquerors

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Rejoice, The Lord Is King

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 To Be With Him

(featuring Bill Pearce, Trombone)

One thought on “My Dad and The Melody Four

  1. paulyho39

    What can I say, daughter dear? This is such a wonderful musical tribute to your father…how he loved listening to these four guys sing! And…I have to say how “priviledged” we felt we were while living in Chicago, to hear them, Bill Pearce and Dick Anthony live on WMBI regularly! These songs bring tears to my eyes…but so many happy memories as well. These guys were the greatest…I feel sorry for all the younger generation that didn’t get to hear them like we did!

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