Springtime in AZ! (pt.5)

Saturday morning I had fun filling the cabin with the incredible smell of bacon as I cooked up a big mess of cheesy-bacon-eggs and fried Nettie-bread on the griddle.  You can’t even imagine how amazingly scrumptious that was.  The neighbor pups were already there first thing, drawn by memories of the night before as well as the smell of bacon wafting across the valley, and it was an exceedingly difficult thing keeping them out of the cabin while we ate, since we had to have the door open (the stove does heat things up in there).

Once we’d cleaned that up, I took the older girls to town (Megan got to drive) to pick up some ice and S’more supplies, while Paul took the younger three on a very exciting excursion.  Our family tradition is this: once a child turns 13, they are eligible to begin learning to drive on the ranch roads.  Jacob, being now several months into his 13th year, was to have his very first drive.  I am thankful to say that Paul always takes the children on their first drive.  I am thankful to report that all three younger children drove, and even more thankful to report that none of them drove the van over the edge of the wash.  They all returned alive to tell the story.  And Paul will be driving with Jacob many, many more times before I take a turn.

That is all. 😀

While they were driving around they also stopped for some fun  by the railroad tracks, where the road goes under the tracks and through the deepest part of the wash.  Historically, that part of the road gets washed out every year during the rainy season and prevents access between ranch-dwellers and town, so finally the ranch association ponied up the money to have a new road built to properly fill in the wash at that point, inspected and signed off by the army corps of engineers.  We met them there on our way back from town, and they all had to run through the giant culverts and pose for the epic photo.  The girls and I went on our way (we had cold stuff to get to the coolers) and the youngers finished their drive, which included a stop to climb on the big digger (because who can resist climbing on a big digger by the side of the road?)!

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