May Ranch Retreat – Friday Night

We’ve been home from our annual Memorial Day weekend at the ranch for four days now, and I’m finally assembling a review for the blog.  Better late than never!

Ever since our April trip up north, we have had a very busy month of May, including two end-of-the-year theatrical productions and their accompanying tech weeks, and a college graduation.  We finally decided there was no point in going up to Show Low to pick up our van the weekend right before we were coming back up for Memorial Day, so we postponed the retrieval for one more week.  Last Friday we left here mid-afternoon, after Paul got home from work, and had an easy-breezy first leg of the journey.  I drove so Paul could relax after his early morning and day of work.

We got to Show Low around 7pm, and then had to try to locate the shop to which our AAA driver had taken Jimminy.  Finally found “A Better Auto” about 10 miles down the road in Pine Top.  From there, Paul took the wheel of Jimminy and I drove lead.  Driving through town did not seem to present any problems that I could discern.  It was only as we left the city limits and accelerated to highway speeds that I began to lose sight of him in my rear view.  In addition to an apparent lack of power, it seemed that an electrical problem had also flared up, because the headlights were flickering on and off (for a while, they were dangerously more off than on, and I tried to use my brights and not drive too far ahead of him so that, even if his lights went off, he could at least see the road ahead of me).

Thus, as you can imagine, that last leg of the trip was long and somewhat tense, and we were all extremely relieved to make it all the way to our little cabin door, get inside, and flop on the big air mattress in a heap, on a cot, or in Jacob’s case, find the nearest lantern, kick off the shoes and socks, and start reading.

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