Walking Updates (and learning new things)

Let’s be honest: I’m not a tech geek.  When it comes to code on this website, if I can’t snag my husband to fix things for me, I learn what I need to learn as I need to learn it, usually the slowest and most tedious way possible (by figuring it out via trial and error).  Since I started trying to keep track of my virtual pilgrimage, I have been meaning to figure out how to insert named anchors on the page to directly link to each update, which, in order to keep things streamlined, I am simply posting all on one page rather than multiple successive posts.  Well, my trial and error was not getting me anywhere, until finally I tried my big bro, who helpfully condensed the info I had found on a website that was befuddling me into simple, clear directions, and voila!  It worked!  So from now on, whenever I have a walking update, I will simply link to that page and move on.  Happiness and bloggy joy! 🙂

update 1

update 2


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