My report at the end of this weekend is simply this: I was M.I.A.

Firstly, I missed singing for the ordination mass on Saturday (which was not only a very special occasion for which to sing, but also a chance to see some lovely musicians with whom I enjoy making music, who came over from St. Thomas Aquinas to sing).  And secondly, I missed singing for mass this morning, and I really really wished I could have been there for both – especially since the choir is on summer break after today, and I will not see some of them for a while — including our Fearless Leader, who will be away completing his studies at the Liturgical Institute for six weeks.  Being as under the weather as I was for the last four days, however, was completely unforeseen and beyond my control, so I know I mustn’t beat myself up about it. But still… 🙁

I was beginning to come out of it by mid-day today, after a long sleep while everyone else was at church, and so was able to join just a little bit in the fun this afternoon when Paul brought some Gonzales kids home for hamburgers off the grill.  He and the girls took care of food prep and serving everyone so well – I’m very thankful. Jacob played with ‘Mello on the computer and Manga got to play with some of his Legos, and someone found his goggles, and there was dress up with the Leprechaun cowboy hat and a shiny bow tie… and yes, good times were afoot.

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The girls went to church to sing their evening mass a little before 4pm, and Paul decided that since it was 108°F, a more perfect time to go for a 5.5 mile walk there could not be.  Unsurprisingly, it kicked his butt.  He tells me that this always happens the first time he walks in the summer heat, and that he will acclimate.  I think he is either insane – or possibly an alien from a much, much hotter world.  I can’t think of anything I am less likely to attempt than to acclimate myself to exercising in the heat of the day in the desert southwest.

After he recovered from his exertion and took a shower, he went to have supper with a fellow he had met at church this morning and given a ride home home, who had walked 6.5 miles to get there.  That’s some dedication, right there.  I don’t know many people willing to walk 13 miles (in this kind of heat, no less) to church and back in our society today.  Before he said farewell after supper, Paul gave him some bus passes so he will be able to at least get to church more easily for a while.

For our Sunday Evening family time, we have been settling nicely into a routine of popcorn and Cadfael.  It is with great dismay, therefore, that I found tonight that we have only a mere 4 episodes remaining until we complete all the seasons that were ever made.  I curse the Brits a thousand times over for their stupid, stupid, stupid 3-episode “seasons”.  Or “series” or whatever they want to call them.  It’s ridiculous and wrong, I tell you, and I’m that put out.  There will be withdrawal when we’re done.  But at least we have another month of Sundays to go! 🙂

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