New Wheels

It suddenly occurred to me that back in April, I took some pics of Jeff’s brand new car, but never posted them.  For the family record book, these were taken April 5th, of all days.  Hobbit-like, it thrills me to think of Jeffrey getting this lovely new car on my birthday (although I think it was earlier than this, and I just managed to get out and grab some pics on this particular day).  Sadly, it was by no means a gift.  He will be paying for it for a while, even at the lowest end of the economy scale (no electric anything, manual transmission).

But oh, it is so beautiful to behold the shiny newness — especially after over  a year of driving a tiny rattle-trap of a convertible through rain and wind, with a tattered roof and no driver’s side access, one almost forgets the price-tag.

Since this wonderful acquisition, we have been known to avail ourselves of the odd late-night air-conditioned drive-about, listening to KBAQ while talking theology.  Good times with my big bro. 🙂

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