Working my way back to you, babe

Sometimes I can’t remember what I’ve done unless I retrace my steps.  So pardon me while I go backward in time!



This morning as Jacob was preparing for church,  I took the unusual step of addressing his standard Sunday attire (polo shirt and nice trousers) with an eye to spiffing things up and adding some flair to the look.  Change is never easy with The Boy.  He was dramatically skeptical about this sartorial choice (as his facial expression here clearly indicated), 20130629_231425copy2particularly (it seemed) because Megan was so adamant that it would be fabulous — but once it was made we all agreed it was a vast improvement.  He commented that if I ever want him to wear a tie, it better be a bow tie.

“Bow ties are cool.”

I laughed, “You want the tying kind, or a clip on?”

“Oh, clip on,” he replied. “I’m lazy.”

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This afternoon, Megan just couldn’t help bringing the crazy while sharing a piano bench with her little sis.  20130630_013657copy1

She was always the limberest of my babies and clearly she still enjoys her flexibility


(as well as getting all up in Geneva’s business when she’s trying to play the piano).


I want you to look at this picture, and then contemplate with wonder what manner of fol-de-rol unfolds on a routine basis each and every time I send the two of them into the kitchen to clean together.  It positively staggers one, it really does.

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20130629_002531copy1While Paul was up north for a Carizzo Ranch Association board meeting, we all got busy on the house and did some brainstorming about how to improve our living room.  20130629_002606copy1

Making changes that are actually successful requires so much thought and the consideration of so many variables, not the least of which is having too much furniture of one kind or another.  Having decided last week to move the bike to the living room so our entertainment time could double as fitness time, I had to factor that in, as well as Gwinnie’s doggie cage, the piano, a small refrigerator, the sofa table, large sofa, love seat, recliner, granny rocking chair, and lamp table, plus two book shelves and a bureau along the wall, which anchor the room and are never going to move.  We tried the piano in the living room and we tried the couches 4 different ways, and finally I had to think outside the box the come up with my genius floor plan.

20130629_002510copy1What I love most about it is that not only is my beautiful plant situated right beside a window, but all the lamps are spread out around 20130629_002510copy3the room in a delightful way, providing much more light than they did before.  Having the piano right in the middle is perfect for sing alongs!  20130629_021443copy1

And last but not least, I love having a unified theme with the sofa table moved beneath Our Lady of Guadalupe – a place to gather our family rosaries and various devotional aids, including statues that remind us of the saints who continually wage spiritual warfare on behalf of the Church Militant, such as here, St. Michael the Archangel, and of course the Blessed Virgin Mary. [hr color=”dark-gray” width=”100%” border_width=”2px” ]




Friday was a VERY exciting day for Mom.  She has been using what was called her “temporary prosthesis” for many months, but has long been awaiting the day when she would be able to bring home her permanent leg!  We set off early for Hamilton Prosthetics  with great excitement, and Mother came out with two ankles!!  It’s quite a change to have a real calf and ankle attached to the foot after all these months, but she’s quite enjoying it!

One thought on “Working my way back to you, babe

  1. Denise

    So happy for your mom! How wonderful, she has come a long strong ways!! yay Beautiful OLofG devotional area – that is simply lovely. I have a rather large depiction of her here too in our dinning room – a wedding gift from my husband. Look at it daily and still examine it closely. SO miraculous….
    And love the details on the kids 🙂 Good for Jacob! ( i know how that goes…:)

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