A Long Awaited Dream

Friends, only the few of you who have been in on the secret have any way of guessing the level of anticipation and hope leading up to today.  What everyone who knows me at all DOES realize is that my health has been in decline for a very long time, and I’ve been scrambling around trying to find solutions to combat the growing crisis.  Most of my efforts have been in vain.  And one of the primary reasons has been the many insurmountable obstacles on the road to a consistent level of exercise.  I wont enumerate them;  suffice to say, once convinced of the solution, my beloved wasted no time in finding a way to provide for this great need.

Today my gift arrived on a very large truck, in a very large box that could not even fit through the front gate.  It was left there from 8:20 in the morning until 4:30 pm.  In the meantime, Jacob and I moved the couches, moved the bike, carried the piano down the step and across the living room to it’s new position in front of the windows, and swept the floor to prepare for a new and very large piece of equipment.

When Paul came home he immediately began the process of figuring out how to get it into the house, and the assembling it.  With only Jacob and me as helpers, it was a tricky business, but he’s both ingenious and persistent, and together we managed to get it inside.  He had to work fast to assemble it because he was off to SVdP at 6:30, and he got most of it done before he left, and finished when he returned.

Finally we got it turned on and I was able to walk the first mile toward a stronger, healthier future!  My new Nordic Track Commercial 2450 looks like something out of Star Trek Next Generation!  I am sure for a while I will feel like I should be wearing a red shirt when I work out on it… It has plenty of bells and whistles to keep me motivated and moving, and Sweetie even included a 2-year subscription to I-Fit.com.  Thanks to my loving husband for so much care and sacrifice.  I love you, honey!!

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