Bullet Post

Here we go, all the news in bullets — with a few pix for fun!!

  • Megan started her college year on Monday and has been falling into her new routine very adeptly.  She’s:
    • found her way around campus,
    • met new friends,
    • gotten extra credit for being willing to do a math problem on the board,
    • utilized the math resources and high tech centers,and most interestingly,
    • been hailed by a large, boisterous group of … erm … “Colorful!” students hanging out in the student union — whose first questions to her were whether she was old enough to drink and smoke — and decided that despite their brightly hued coifs, dramatic makeup, and plentiful corsets on display, she will, in the future, attempt to avoid that particular campus clique of extremely profane young people. :-/
  • Laurent started her new job at the SSJ Parish School yesterday, as an after-school assistant, with far less intensity.  She kept her classroom of little people entertained by drawing for them most of the afternoon. 🙂  As the school year progresses, she will also help with tutoring.
  • Geneva and Jacob and I are easing into our regular school year — with only a smidgeon of distractability…
    right now we are awaiting a large shipment of books that is en-route from RC History, located in Andover, MN.  I am hopeful our 30-lb. box will arrive sometime Monday and we can begin digging in to their marvelous classical program.  I could sit and cry over the fact that we never got to start it from the beginning and go straight through with it for 12 years, but that would be highly unproductive.  Instead, I will thank the Lord for His goodness in getting me this far in spite of myself, and recognize the value we have obtained from each of the curriculum styles we have utilized along the journey.  And halleluiah, we’re discovering this program just in time to finish off with a full four years of RC History for high school!  Huzzah!!
  • Jake and Gen are also settling into their new way of life as a kitchen team.  As all families can likely attest, the road to successful team-cleaning can be a rocky one.  In the case of my two youngest, it is primarily filled with pot-holes of laughter.
  • Megan and I went this morning to the MVD to make at least an initial attempt at getting her driver’s license.  It was a good trial run, I’ll give us that much.  We managed to bring along all the paperwork required, all the forms of ID, had the money to pay the fee, and everything was going swimmingly, until it was her turn to pull up and pick up the driving test dude.  They do a preliminary check of the vehicle just to make sure it is minimally road worthy.  Now, this being the “best” of our cars, I anticipated no problems, and that right there was the flaw in my reasoning — the fly in my ointment — the hitch in our get-along, as it were.  Apparently (and parents, mark this down for your own future time-saving reference) they don’t want you out there driving on the roads unless you have at least ONE window that rolls down… and they prefer a working horn as well.  Since we have had no working windows in my van for almost as long as we’ve had the vehicle, and since the horn only just recently stopped working, we were plumb out-o-luck.  If schedules had permitted, we COULD have gone back this afternoon with the white van, but it wont work for Megz.  We’ll have to add a few items to Paul’s “Honey-Do” list for the weekend, and try again Tuesday before Megan’s noon class.  On the bright side, at least the fee is already paid!
  • If you haven’t been over to Ghetto Catholic in the last 24 hours, hasten thence I beseech thee and read the latest post by my husband, under the heading Hidden Are The Poor.

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