Traditional Catholic Latin Mass of the Angels

The “Mass of the Angels” is what we get to sing during the Christmas season, and I love it so much I wish it was all year long. I love hearing little voices humming these chants around the house now that they have heard them enough to be familiar. 🙂 This is one reason why it is very precious to me to keep my children in the mass – they learn so much from watching, hearing, singing along as best they can, joining in prayers as they grow, and oh, the questions they ask as their minds and hearts absorb what is happening! So beautiful!

Thanks to Petrus Josephus for this beautiful recording.

Some music from the Latin Mass of the Angels (Christmas Mass).
– Kyrie Eleison at 0:01
– Gloria in Excelsis Deo at 2:07
– Memorial Acclamation (Not Missa de Angelis) at 4:32
– Sanctus and Amen at 5:10
– Agnus Dei at 7:06
– Ite Missa Est at 8:29

  • Music

    • “Sanctus/Mass of the Angels” by The Cathedral Singers, Richard Proulx (conductor) ( • • • )
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